What’s the name? Steven Sharpe AKA William. Sharpe’s dad was adamant that his first born son be named William; his Mom was like, “What ever you say Daddy. Hey, everyone meet Stephen!” He’s now changed it to be spelled with a “v” because he likes symmetry.

Where’s he from? Tipp Town! 2 Pac wrote that song ‘Rose That Grew From Concrete’ about him.

Who does he sound like? His guitarist Dylan Murphy thinks, “He sounds like that one Hozier song being molested by Nina Simone with a hangover, while Robert Plant watches.” Nailed it!

A.D: “So Steven, where do you see yourself in five years?”

S.S: “Oh God! I’ll be 33. I see myself living as the oldest 21-year-old in Ireland. That’s such a mad question. I never saw myself here five years ago. Five years ago I was hopeless and close to homelessness in Surfers Paradise, Australia. Don’t ask why I was in Surfers Paradise! I don’t surf and it was far from my idea of paradise. Hmmm if I’m alive, I’ll be gigging with my boys still and if I can make some money to buy cans, I’ll be happy. I ask for very little and expect nothing.”

“Where did it all start for you?”

S.S: “It was a drunken Paddy’s Day baby; which explains quite a lot. Musically, it started at the age of like six or seven, watching Michael Jackson and thinking ‘I wanna do that’. Obviously my musical influences changed multiple times between then and now. I found out I could sing in my Transition Year play. I was the only lad in my class that could hold a note. It was ridiculous. I thought everyone could sing. I was so wrong. I never sang in front of people. I was so shy and I would only sing at home when I knew the house was empty. But I didn’t get lead! I didn’t sing in any of the musical numbers at all. I was going through my rocker – Metallica long hair, black nail varnish, I hate parents – phase. So what the director decided to do was, just have me pick two songs and sing them with two lads that could play guitar. I killed it! Everyone was floored: “The long haired gay lad who never speaks can fucking sing?!” And that was it. I am a singer.

“Who do you cite as your musical idols?”

S.S: I’ve had so many over the years. There is really too many to name, but if I had to, my holy trinity of musical idols are: Kate Bush, Nina Simone, and Laurie Anderson. Kate taught me how to write, Nina taught me how to sing, and Laurie taught me to be an artist. In fact, in that order too, are my favourite albums: Kate Bush ‘Aerial’, Nina Simone ‘And Piano’, and Laurie Anderson ‘The Ugly One with the Jewels’. Honourable mention – Led Zeppelin, Anthony and the Johnsons, Speech Debelle, Cathy Davey, Beyonce, the musicals Hedwig and The Angry Inch and gospel choirs.

Head over to Sharpe’s Bandcamp for more!