What’s the name? John Hogan Junior…AKA John Junior.

Who does he sound like? “I don’t know, really! It’s hard to say as I take influences from a lot of different places. I’ve veered away from the usual singer/songwriter format slightly. Just recently I’ve been working a lot with a loop pedal, using a mix of acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, and the subtle use of percussion is great for setting up the beat also. In every sense though, using loops or not, my main focus these days is just creating a good vibe and good music for the night; and an entertaining show from start to finish.”

So, where do you see yourself in five years?

“I can only ever see myself making music and learning as much as I can about the craft of songwriting, I hope to be creating as much Art as possible for the rest of my life. But, I’m not one for looking too far down the line. I’ve enjoyed the last few months working on my song Little Boy Blue in the studio and I have been finding it a very creative process and, although stressful, it’s very rewarding to see the song take shape. So as soon as I’m done trying to give Little Boy Blue a life of its own, I’m dedicating myself to keeping on that same path and getting the rest of my album together over the coming months, so watch this space!”

Where did it all start for you?

“I’ve always had an obsession with art and music which developed into a healthy songwriting obsession in my early 20’s. I come from a very musical background. My mother is a classical singer and my father is an All-Ireland Banjo Champion and a very talented songwriter. My grandfather, too, was never without an instrument in his hand. So I guess I didn’t have a choice but to absorb some of it I suppose. I’ve big shoes to fill though!”

Who do you cite as your musical idols?

“No question who my number one artist, songwriter and arranger of all time is…He is the one and only Paul Simon. His genius humbles me every time I watch a video of him play and sing. He does it with such passion and sincerity, and his lyrics and arrangements cut to the very core of me. In my own way I guess I modeled the arrangement of my song Rise High King Rise on the beats and percussion of the Graceland album. Obviously it’s no Boy in the Bubble but have a listen and see what you think!”

John Junior plays support to the mighty Alabama 3 in The Loft, Galway on October 2nd.

Stay tuned very soon for all the upcoming news and previews of his upcoming single Little Boy Blue, and don’t forget to give him a like on Facebook and have a listen over at Breaking Tunes.