What’s the name? Fia Rua (AKA Eoghan Burke)

Where’s he from? Caragh, Co.Kildare

Who does he sound like? Somewhere between Nick Cave, Luke Kelly, and Leonard Cohen

Image: Andreas Riemenschneider
A.D: “So Eoghan, where do you see yourself in five years?”
E.B: “In five years? I tend to plan in months. I would love to extend the Fia Rua tours, and continue to write albums. I’m currently writing my 4th, so in five years, I should be writing my 7th or something. I would also hope to be still doing the acting. I’m currently acting in a new exciting show called The Story Of The Irish, it’s the type of show that could easily run forever.”

A.D: “Where did it all start for you?”
E.B: “I was terrible in school, I hated it with a great passion, then Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and The Cure saved my life. I bought a drum kit, started writing lyrics, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

A.D: “Who do you cite as your musical idols?”

E.B: “I’ve always had a great love and fascination with Bob Dylan, I’m still discovering albums from him that blow my mind. Very few new bands excite me, maybe it’s because we don’t cherish music and albums as much as we did in the 90’s. I would also be into acts from the folk revival in Ireland like Planxty, and of course, Bowie and Morrissey who are endlessly inspiring.”