by Danielle Holian

Today is the 10th anniversary of Syd Barrett’s passing.

There will be a new film in his honour which will contain substantial unreleased footage at Cambridge Film Festival who has teamed up with Cambridge Live for the Syd Barrett celebrations of his life and work. In this, both teams will premiere a series of films about Syd Barrett and the Swinging Sixties at this year’s film festival.

‘Get All That Ant?’ is a centre piece of the festival that is a free form documentary filmed by Anthony Stern, who was a former school friend. In this documentary, it features footage taken during the 1960’s in Cambridge, London, and San Francisco. Most of the footage has been seen previously, but it also includes live performance stills and footage from The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Donovan.

“The film came about after a diagnosis of Parkinsons encouraged me to make sense of the last fifty years of my life. Delving through my cellar, I found suitcases full of Nagra tapes, film reels and over 7000 still photographs from the period 1963 – 1970. This film is an homage to that time, capturing the dreams, memories and reflections that sprung from a moment when we really thought we could change the world. Fifty years on, I’m starting to think these values are starting to reemerge,” Stern said about the premiere.

The film is to premiere on October 21st, as part of a series of film screenings about Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd at the Cambridge Guildhall.

Syd Barrett walking tours have also been confirmed, with Cambridge Live teaming up with to offer themed walks on Barrett on the weekend of the concert. The walk will trace some important and relevant places to the former Pink Floyd guitarist; this will include key places like his family home, his school, and David Gilmour and Roger Water’s family homes.

“It’s great to link the world premiere of Anthony Stern’s film to this year’s Cambridge Film Festival. The footage in the film has locked away for over 4 decades and makes for an incredible documentary of the Swinging Sixties by a man who was at the very heart of the scene and captured it all first hand. Along with other films about Syd Barrett, it should make for a fantastic evening,” Neil Jones, Cambridge Live Operations Director said.

The 36th Cambridge Film Festival runs from October, 20th to the 27th.

Tickets for the film screenings and the walking tours will be available from here.