1. Revolution – Elias

Well, this Swedish lad does not sound like he’s 18-years-old! Elias exhibits smooth but strong vocals, moving into the ubiquitous male falsetto and powerful vibrato, against a backdrop of gut-punching beats, soft strings and gentle piano. What more could you want in a soul-tinged track?

2. Luwum – A Weird Flash

Seattle singer Jesse Miller took the moniker, ‘Luwum’ while his parents were missionaries in Uganda – named after a Ugandan Bishop who was killed for speaking out against a tyrannical regime. Luwum cracks open a cold can of easy-listening Lo-Fi and twisty guitar in A Weird Flash; its a little bit Beirut, and a little bit The Thrills.

3. Lana Del Rey – HoneyMoon

The Born to Die warbler released her fourth studio album, HoneyMoon last Friday to mixed reviews. Del Rey stays true to her, hark-back-to-times-gone-by style in this somewhat dark collection of tracks: a foray into her consistently depressed, love-mourning mind. It does include her usual cinematic, epic orchestral vibes, but perhaps we’ve had enough of Lizzie Grant’s moaning?