Ever had the idea of recording a message for your friends or family in case you would die unexpectedly? With the new GoodBye Message App, you can simply record, secure and store a video message for your loved ones.

Today, GoodBye Message launches an App for your smartphone which you can use to record a video message. When you’ve recorded a video message, you can lock it and your loved ones can open it in case you pass away. Beside a recording, you can also send a written message.

Once you’ve locked a message you’ll get a unlock code – this is the code you can give to your friends, spouse or family. When you’ve passed away, they can start the unlock procedure via our website. This is a process of 7 days, during this time we’re trying to reach the deceased person with e-mails and SMS messages. If the process isn’t canceled within 7 days we’ll release the video message.

You can download the App for free, we’ll only charge you to securely host the videos. For this we’ll ask a hosting fee of $9,99 a Year. With this subscription, GoodBye Message will be able to maintain the service for a lifetime!

Learn more about GoodBye Message at www.goodbye-message.com