by Danielle Holian

NARCS share ‘Empathy The Dog’ via New Noise Magazine. Their new album ‘A Thinking Animal’ is out July 8th via Clue Records.

Praise for NARCS

“NARCS wiry and brash rock and roll is fuelled by equal parts frustration, resentment & a general desire to make a lot of noise” – Drowned in Sound

“…cacophonous angst-ridden post-punk” – Louder Than War

“A scuzzy and raw ‘narc-core’ gem.” – A Music Blog, Yea?

NARCS pour themselves into their driven-alternative-indie noise, making them unique in the music scene. They blend passion into their lyrical incisiveness with power and spine-cracking intensity.

John (bassist) from NARCS spoke to New Noise Magazine about the background behind the single and the Brexit, “A simple equation summed up my fear for the EU referendum result. Boris + Trump + Brexit = Impending doom.

A few years ago this sum may have seemed a campfire ghost story told by one leftie to another but this Dystopian horror story is bizarrely possible now that we’ve left. Two scapegoats were offered, the immigrant and the unelected bureaucrat in Brussels. Take your pick. Both said to be to blame for the financial and employment downward spiral suffered by the working class. Personally, I would rather the United Kingdom was formally tied into the regulation of the European Union than allow the Tories to have any more free reign than they already do to hack away at what’s left of The North. No amount of Wetherspoons beermats or Farage pretending he cares about fish could sway me otherwise.

It is still too early to understand the long-term economic effects but the tragic immediate reality of Brexit has started to rear its ugly head. For a small but vile minority, it has cemented their racist and xenophobic beliefs as justified. Race hate incidents since the result are rising day by day. There is a brutal irony that the right wing biffers can’t see. They share pictures of British soldiers in World War 2 and talk of our grandads fighting for our freedom yet are the very ones who are now oppressing others with their fascist views. They don’t realise that the EU’s origins were based on promoting peace through trading after the horrors of World War 2.

All in all, the final result is a loss for progressive beliefs, a loss for multiculturalism and a footstep into uncertain times for all.”

‘A Thinking Animal’ sound has been described as “guitar-centred alt-rock aimed at Tonry scum.” The album is a visceral attack on political apathy. The content is both intelligent and sincere, yet its passionate is desolate on topics like greed, nepotism and self-loathing.

Joe (guitarist) said about the album, “This album came out the way it did because we’ve always used music as an outlet for the darker stuff that we needed to vent. At the moment, the way things are, we just got drawn back to the root of our anger and frustration time and time again: the ruling class, the political class, Etonites, whatever you want to call them. In a better time, we’d never have written this album. Hopefully, we never need to write another one like it.

Having said that, we are unapologetic about absolutely everything we are saying on this record. We want to see things change, we want people to feel anger instead of apathy; we’re under no illusions of being any kind of revolution leaders but we’re definitely of the opinion that music changes mood and just being able to connect your frustration to that of a band/song/lyric can make shit a bit easier to get through.

Ultimately we wanted to aim this at the people who actually deserve it. There’s nothing more pathetic than artists of any type striving to seek popularity through attacking small fry. Everyone outside of the ruling class is so busy bickering over small details that we’re still stuck in some sort of feudal system that we’ve been duped into thinking is a democracy.

We hope people enjoy the album, we hope it brings people whatever they’re looking for at this shitty period in history: comfort, motivation, inspiration, anger, whatever.”

‘A Thinking Animal’ will be released via Clue Records on July 8th.