by Danielle Holian

Leeds based indie art-rock quartet, NARCS, share new album ‘A Thinking Animal’ in full via CLASH, due out 8th July via Clue Records .

The band spoke about their new album, “‘A Thinking Animal’. The title isn’t in any way suggesting we’re on some sort of higher cerebral level – far from it, it’s taken from a John Steinbeck quote which states that all war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal. From the response so far, it seems people have connected what we’re saying and how we’re saying it on the album. It’s the response we all wanted from this. If you have a voice on any level, you have a responsibility to the voiceless and vulnerable to use it. We’re fucking furious about the UK, and so everyone outside of the Parliamentary bubble should be.

Look at how things are, especially since Brexit happened, it’s almost laughable that we consider humans to be ‘thinking animals’. Ruled by an elite who risked the country’s economy, legal system and basic human rights to get ahead on some Etonite point-scoring. There are more food banks than ever, they’re selling off our free healthcare (although, since we pay our taxes and they don’t, we’re sort of already paying extra for it), they’re turning schools into factories and lied about backtracking on academisation. “The working class voted Brexit!” the media scream. They got targeted with this line of ‘status quo or a mystery box’. Tory scum have manufactured an awful status quo for a reason. And how does the UK respond? Top BBC News story as of 10.30pm, July 3rd: Ex-footballer offered free parking. ‘A Thinking Animal’? Not yet.”

NARCS have described their sound as “guitar-centred alt-rock aimed at Tory scum,” and their album is based around the attack on political apathy. They have a passion yet discuss topics like greed, misogyny, nepotism and self-loathing.

Guitarist, Joe said, “This album came out the way it did because we’ve always used music as an outlet for the darker stuff that we needed to vent. At the moment, the way things are, we just got drawn back to the root of our anger and frustration time and time again: the ruling class, the political class, Etonites, whatever you want to call them. In a better time, we’d never have written this album. Hopefully, we never need to write another one like it.

Having said that, we are unapologetic about absolutely everything we are saying on this record. We want to see things change, we want people to feel anger instead of apathy; we’re under no illusions of being any kind of revolution leaders but we’re definitely of the opinion that music changes mood and just being able to connect your frustration to that of a band/song/lyric can make shit a bit easier to get through.
Ultimately we wanted to aim this at the people who actually deserve it. There’s nothing more pathetic than artists of any type striving to seek popularity through attacking small fry. Everyone outside of the ruling class is so busy bickering over small details that we’re still stuck in some sort of feudal system that we’ve been duped into thinking is a democracy.

We hope people enjoy the album, we hope it brings people whatever they’re looking for at this shitty period in history: comfort, motivation, inspiration, anger, whatever.”

Praise for NARCS:
“…a barbed work of politics and philosophy sluiced through a spiky, indie rock template.” – CLASH.

“NARCS wiry and brash rock and roll is fuelled by equal parts frustration, resentment & a general desire to make a lot of noise.” – Drowned in Sound.

“…cacophonous angst-ridden post-punk.” – Louder Than War.

“A scuzzy and raw ‘narc-core’ gem.” – A Music Blog, Yea?

They have released the following tour dates:

Friday 8th – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds [ALBUM LAUNCH]
Saturday 9th – 2000 Trees Festival
Saturday 16th – The Green Room, Stockton
Saturday 25th – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield


Saturday 6th – Humber Street Sesh, Hull


Support tour with Kerbdog
Friday 14th – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Saturday 15th – Boston Music Room, London
Sunday 16th – The Globe, Cardiff