Trying to increase foot traffic to your restaurant, bar, or club has traditionally been problematic when conducted in a crowded field of competitors. After all, customers have a myriad of options available to them when parsing through their entertainment options, so entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new ways to make an impression with potential clientele. That being said however, the best way to boost interest in your establishment has always been through positive word of mouth gleaned from the positive experiences of previously satisfied customers.

While that basic fact of customer behavior has not changed, what has changed is the method in which they communicate their opinions to their friends and loved ones. Not surprising perhaps, with the growth of online review sites and mobile technology, consumers are increasingly turning to the digital world to find new locations to try and new menus to sample before they ever leave the house for a night out on the town.

The Power of W.O.M. Marketing

While word of mouth advertising (WOM) is still the best marketing approach, public relation experts understand that changing customer behavior has altered the playing field. As proven by numerous industry studies, customers are far more likely to search their available offline options online before committing to a given course of action whether it be buying a car or trying to choose which movie to go out and watch for the evening.

Savvy entrepreneurs therefore know that if they hope to establish a dialogue and convert those customer’s passing interest into a sales conversion, they need to leverage the power of the digital world to garner their attention in the first place, and that is why they are turning to a media partner to help build a positive word of mouth agency.

E-Commerce and the Power of Digital Marketing

The key to building your customer base in the digital age is by engaging your audience with pertinent information, outstanding deals, and an ongoing conversation that helps establish your reputation as a valuable resource that they will then turn to when they start making their plans for the evening.

Today’s internet user is sophisticated when it comes to recognizing sales pitches before quickly clicking away. As such, if you can generate a convincing marketing buzz by getting other bloggers, or social influencers, to talk up your operation, then you can leverage ecommerce to help you build a bigger customer base by growing emails lists, highlighting great deals, and boosting your bottom line by increasing foot traffic into your business.


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