Following the success her acclaimed debut single, If I Die Young, Donegal songbird Mikaela Bonner has returned to Newton Studios, Co Donegal – where it all began – to record her highly-anticipated follow up, Suds in the Bucket, due for release in February.

The track – penned by Missouri-born, singer/songwriter Sarah Evans – is produced alongside Bonner’s agent, Brian Cunningham, and musical directors Jim Corbett and Kevin Corrigan. And why did the 22-year-old choose this country classic as her sophomore release?

“My last CD was kind of slow, and I usually like singing slow songs; so I was looking for a nice, upbeat song – a jiving song. I was singing it [suds in the bucket] around the place and everyone seemed to like it. Yeah, it’s nice and upbeat!”

The maiden victory that was, If I Die Young, led the fiery red-head to national and regional radio airplay, appearances on Sky television, and dozens of packed gigs the length and breadth of the country.

The Lettermacaward native’s family are two of Donegal’s most prominent and well-liked – those being: the Duddy family from Lettermacaward and, of course, the Bonner clan! Mikaela is the niece of former Donegal Minor Manager Declan Bonner and the daughter of Sean Bonner and Helen Bonner (Nee Duddy).

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