Review by Clare Mullaniff 

20-year-old Canadian rapper Mez Mariye has a small, but dedicated fanbase that are, no doubt, eager to hear more music from the young man. Currently, there are three tracks on his website, which is a well laid out, user friendly site, with a small ‘About’ section, as well as ‘Music’, ‘Videos’ and ‘Photos’ sections. No fuss or unnecessary information, just what you need to view his artistic creations. The background photo is also a very cool shot of a live show (presumably Mez’s own), giving the impression that live performance is key to the rapper’s career. The first song is ‘Charlie Chaplin’, which as one would imagine, has samples from old Chaplin style movies.


The rapping itself is very fast paced, but rhythmic and with a strong flow. The hook is catchy and melodic, and Mez’s tone is confident and professional. The chorus is a 40’s flapper-style tune, which is unusual for rap music. The beat is simple and consistent, and standard for hip hop. Small additions from the horn family emphasis that Chaplin/40’s style, and tie the whole song together. The video compliments the style of the song perfectly. Overall it is a fun, catchy song that makes Mez stand out as an experimental rapper that is not afraid to try something new.

The second track, ‘Tokyo’, chronicles relationships, and how career and love don’t mix well, sometimes. Mez documents his desire to travel to Tokyo and to live out his dreams, as a newbie rapper. His lyrics are real and relatable, which gives him an advantage from the start. This is a more straight forward modern track, with a slowed down hook, adding depth to the song. The video shows Mez rapping on the streets of Tokyo. The beat is simple again in this tune, letting the lyrics take the lead and really get the feeling in the song across. In general ‘Tokyo’ is a stripped back, lyrically complex song that encompasses the laid back, relaxed vibe of Mez’s hip hop.

The last song, ‘Oh No’, opens with an electronic beat different to the previous two songs. This tune is a little more musically complex, with more synth added to create layers. Again, the lyrics are confident and well written – this isn’t a rapper that sings only about ‘da club’! There is depth to his words and music that seem too mature for a 20-year-old. Mez gives the impression of a dedicated rapper intent on making it in the music business; and with his easy to listen to songs and confident attitude, he most likely will.

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Top track: All three

Stars: ****