Ahead of their debut album release on Today (9th), Nitelife’s Marky Edison caught up with Dublin-based, electro-rock quartet, MAKINGS to chat about their new record Cognition, getting kickstarted, and playing in merry old London.

Marky: “Are you excited about the upcoming shows and the album release?”

Paddy: “Oh yeah we can’t wait. This will be our third trip to the UK as a band, they keep getting better and I’m sure this trip won’t disappoint either!”

Raul: “I can’t wait; from coast to coast in Ireland and across the pond for the third time. I love being on the road with the lads. Touring brings new sets of layers to the music.”

Marky: “You’ve a London headline show coming up. How are you feeling about that?”

Paddy: “We’re feeling great about the upcoming London show. We played Proud in Camden in June of this year and we’re delighted to be back again promoting the release of the album. It’s a really cool venue with a top notch sound system, which we love, and yeah, it’s gonna’ be a belter! It’s great to get over to the UK to play places like Camden and we hope to do a lot more of it as we progress as a band”

Raul: “Going back to London is great. Great venue, amazing atmosphere, and great bands to share the stage with.”

Marky: “You seem like a band on a mission to create something new. What’s the motive behind the distinctive sound of Makings?”

Barry: “We love creation process and creating new and fresh material is what excites us.”

Paddy: “We blur the lines a bit when it comes to genre as we take influence from many genres of music. Some people call us a rock band, others say we are electro, and we have heard other terms like: synth pop, industrial, and dance. On some tracks there’s a hint of South-American influence, with our bass player R-R-R-Raul being from Argentina!”

Barry: “We like the fact that people cannot pigeon hole us, as it must mean we are doing something right. When listening to music ourselves, we love to hear something new that we haven’t heard before so it makes sense as band to strive for that ourselves and to help us achieve that we try to incorporate as much technology and new toys as we can to create new sounds and rhythms.”

Raul: “[it’s] about hard work and breaking the limits.  Fusing distinctive styles brings a lot of new ways of creating music authentically. It is about creating something different but dancing to it as well. A whole of new layers. We enjoy ourselves, basically.”

Marky: “What are your ambitions for the band? Are you set on world domination?”

Paddy: “I think every band in our position has to be in some ways, it’s not going to happen all by itself. You really do have to put in the hours, the work and the graft to make it happen. We’ve worked hard on this album, hopefully in a few years’ time with a few more albums under our belt we’ll be sitting on our yachts sipping cocktails of the coast of Thailand or in the Grenadines. But at the minute it’s time for work, and we’re constantly writing new material as well as rehearsing for upcoming shows.”

Raul: “Doing the summer gig in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro!!! I want to bring the boys down to the warm Argentina for a decent BBQ!!!”

Marky: “Tell us about your stage set up. It is a unique mix of digital and analogue sounds.”

Paddy: “We embrace technology in the sense that we can have more fun and create so many more sounds onstage with the use of synths and drum pads as well as the traditional rock set up of guitars and drums. We blend it all together, often starting off songs with electronic beats, synths and samples, then bringing in guitars and acoustic drums when the song gets to a certain point (the point of no return haha!!) Think distorted guitars, electro synths, looped beats, funky bass, banging drums and four vocals – it’s great fun.”

Raul: “It’s how rock meets electronica, our version of it. We have a blast playing and always on the looks of creating something new. Synth bass lines combined with rocky bass lines…bring it on!”

Marky: “What are your memories of the Kickstarter campaign you used to fund the album?”

Paddy: “My memories are extremely fond – for the most part! We set ourselves a fairly ambitious target of raising €5,000, through pre-sale of the album before it was even finished, and we had less than a month to raise it, which was nerve-wracking in itself. There were a lot of messages, emails, phone calls and carrier pigeons to family, as well as old friends and new. I remember entering the 3rd week and we were at about €500, only 10% of the target, needless to say we were a little nervous and doubted whether we could make it. Our worries were eased coming into the last week, it was then that people really got involved and pledged what they could, and we’re very grateful to them. The Fundit Campaign really helped us get the album finished and mixed to the standard that we think it deserves.”

Raul: “Exciting days! Getting the word out was great as friends, family and new fans supported the quest! As an independent musician it’s good to have the social media tools…We can achieve our musical goals together with the people that support us…”

The highly anticipated Cognition is out today from usual outlets.

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