BelloBar are excited to have the insanely creative hip-hop/jazz group Loud Motive on the stage to release their debut E.P, We Just Got here, on Saturday, February 20th. This shining Dublin-based five piece have a broad spectrum of influences ranging from church gospel to heavy metal and everything in between, all through a hip-hop filter. Over the years, Loud Motive’s members have worked alongside a wide array of International musicians including: Lil Wayne, Hoodie Allen, The Original Rudeboys and Kevin Fitzgerald, the only white guy in the band has even rapped with The Wu Tang Clan!

This E.P sees them work alongside Loop Studios resident producer Gareth Desmond who has worked with Eric Riko (Tupac Shakur, Jurassic 5), Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation), Tim Bran (Dreadzone) and John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick (Bob Marley, The Who) Their sound is a mix of  the sensitivity of Jazz, the passion of Gospel, backed by stellar rhymes, making Loud Motive you’ll want to keep two eyes on  in the coming year.