Losers announced their new album ‘How To Ruin Other People’s Futures’ will be released on September 9th via 61 Seconds Records.

Tom Bellamy said about the album, “We had no rules when we began this record. Only to build on the epic noise we had been making in London but this time round having the isolation and alienation of a residential studio in the middle of a Brandenburg forest. The sound that came out is the documentation of a harrowing journey where two band members ended up joining a third in therapy.”

‘How To Ruin Other People’s Futures’ is the band’s journey into an expansive, inventive, and adventurous territory.

Praise for Losers:
“Ambitious, innovative and consistently jaw-dropping.” – Rock Sound.
4 K’s – Kerrang.
“Big – Losers have taken it to the next level.” – Zane Lowe.
‘Album Of The Month’ – Mixmag.
“A divine offering to the aural gods.” – DJ Shadow.