We can reveal that Lorde is 100% coming back with a new album (Date T.B.C); we can also drop the news that her new sound is going to be a world away from her No.1 smash-hit debut, Pure Heroine.

File:Lorde Constanza 15.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Lorde told the New Zealand Herald: “I wrote the last album about that world which was the suburb where I grew up and populated by my friends and people who were really familiar to me…Now I’m in a different place every day and I’m with new people every day and it’s a different vibe.”

The 19-year-old recently collaborated with Disclosure on their latest track Magnets, and according to sources, they’ve been working with the alt-queen on the Pure Heroine follow-up.

“We haven’t got some planned out ‘this is what it’s going to sound like,'” Lorde explained. “I think we’re just going to start writing and when it starts to feel right, we’ll know that it’s right. It’s pretty simple really…I don’t know where the inspiration comes from for stuff. You work and at some point you feel you suck for the first 10 hours and in the last hour in the studio something great happens. You just never know when it’s going to come.”

While her debut was incredibly minimalist, we’re guessing her next offering will be a fuller, electronica-tinged release.