As we eagerly await an official announcement regarding deadmau5’s album — which is supposedly nearly complete — the Canadian legend has been sharing intriguing bits of his new material. The last two weeks, for instance, have seen Zimmerman show off two new originals in full: an updated version of “Cat Thruster” as well as an unnamed, 9-minute progressive house piece. The latter track recently snuck its way into deadmau5’s headlining performance from Ultra Singapore, lending credence to the theory that it will actually seen an official release.

With its cinematic intro, sweeping saw waves, and trance-inspired arp, the composition is classic deadmau5. The entire thing bears a certain elegance to it, much like that of his historic opus, “Strobe.” The arrangement is drawn out patiently, with sections slowly evolving over its 9-minute time frame. The result is an awe-inspiring live experience, and what it sure to be a fan-favorite among his arsenal of new material.


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