Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess is the latest product from the amazing Marissa Carter. O.M.G; what I can I say – I want to bathe in this! This is, without a doubt, the best shimmering dry oil on the market. It’s silky-soft and the oil sinks in straight away with no greasy feeling. It smells Divine, and the shimmer is out of this world. It’s tiny, with almost micro particles of shimmer, so the effect is very classy. It is not clumpy glitter reminiscent of going clubbing in the ’90s …..(as if)!!!!!

This is it: the holy grail of shimmer oils.

Enough here to do your whole arm, but how gorgeous is it?

I am a huge Cocoa Brown fan and was very excited to try this new product. I high tailed it into Penney’s to get my hands on a bottle of the Golden Goddess oil and I was not disappointed. The shimmer is suspended in the oil so you have to ‘shake it to wake it ‘. The oil itself feels rich and luxurious on the skin. This product can be used with or without fake tan. I wore it over my One Hour Dark Tan (review to follow ….hint it’s amazeballs!) and the effect was beautiful. I have worn it without tan, too, across my decolletage to really take the bare look off me, and it worked a treat. It makes your skin glow almost as if it was lit from within.

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