2016 has been a bountiful year for English alt-rock ensemble Lightscape. After unleashing their eponymous inaugural EP in February, the fervent fivesome proceeded to perform their very first show in London before providing support to post-hardcore heavyweights Lonely the Brave at the start of the summer. Now they’re back brandishing a brand new three track undertaking entitled For Present, for Past.

“Running” introduces the record with an onslaught of idiosyncratic instrumentation that arrests ahead of the intense singing of the stanza. The vibe remains vigorous through to a cool and compelling chorus in the sobering second minute. This paves the way to another vigorous verse which eventually transitions into a subdued but stirring breakdown.

The whole thing culminates in a heartfelt final refrain before passing the torch to the pressing riffs of “You Leave Me Here”. It’s not long until an urgent serenade steps into the spotlight, exuding an abundance of emotion while the music maintains a moving mood in the background. “Blinded by the Lights” is considerably heavier afterwards, displaying a plethora of penetrating guitars, pounding percussion and vivacious vocals. The result is a wonderfully rousing affair that ensures the EP is afforded an effective finish.

Lightscape have managed to inject a lot of diversity into a relatively short endeavour here. Each of the above offerings succeed in sounding distinct and singular while simultaneously melding together remarkably well. This gives rise to an incredibly colourful compilation that’s likely to allure a large listenership. Check it out for yourself on iTunes now.

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