Avid Twitter-er Lena Dunham has quit the social network following a tirade of “verbal abuse” from her followers.

The Girls show-runner spoke on the Re/code Decode podcast yesterday, saying she had given all control of her account to her management after a picture she posted of herself wearing her boyfriend’s underwear generated the negative backlash.

The 29-year-old New-Yorker said, “I don’t look at Twitter anymore. I tweet, but I do it through someone else.”

“I really appreciate that anybody follows me at all, and so I didn’t want to cut off my relationship to it completely, but it really, truly wasn’t a safe space for me…there’s a lot of people I love on Twitter, but unfortunately you can’t read those without reading deranged neo-cons telling you you should be buried under a pile of rocks.”

Dunham returns to our screens in early 2016 for Season Six of HBO’s Girls.