Adnan Khan, known as Menace, helped produce a track on Life Of Pablo, which is nominated for rap album of the year at the ceremony on February 12.

TMZ reported that West and fellow music stars Drake and Justin Bieber plan to miss the Grammys despite receiving multiple nominations, claiming the event is no longer relevant.

Khan, who will travel to America ahead of the awards show, told the Press Association: “Everybody’s got their own decisions. It’s entirely up to them.

“The Grammys is one of the biggest platforms for the music industry. If it was me, it would be silly to miss out.”

Khan, 22, from Rochdale, said he had hoped to attend the ceremony in Los Angeles but claimed many producers had been overlooked this year.

“I wanted to go but obviously the rules for the Grammys are a bit different this year,” he said.

“A lot of hit producers won’t be going. It’s mainly for the artists only.

“Producers overall don’t get the same credit as artists. I’ve been in the shadows.”

Khan – a former mobile phone shop worker – plans to meet West when he travels to the US this month.

He produced a beat which was sampled on the rap star’s song, Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2, and is listed as a producer on the track.

The sample reached West after rapper Desiigner – who is signed to West’s label – bought the rights from Khan for 200 dollars (£158) and included it on his 2016 single Panda.

Before travelling to America, Khan, whose mother is from Pakistan, voiced concerns about President Donald Trump’s ban on nationals from seven Muslim majority countries entering the US.

He said: “With me it won’t be a problem because I’m born in the UK.

“It is concerning because a lot of the people he’s turned down are legally allowed to stay in the US.

“America when it was founded, it’s always been an immigrant type of country.”

:: The 59th Grammy Awards, hosted by British comedian James Corden, take place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on February 12.


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