The results are in, and the RTE Radio team are in a very good mood today, thanks to the Joint National Listenership Research (JNLR) figures.

According to the stats, RTE is airing the 20 most popular shows in the country, including Marian Finucane’s Saturday show. Earlier today Finucane quipped, “This is not the Oscars and next time out we will all be having another nervous breakdown,” she said.”

The broadcasting legend’s Saturday show managed to attract 23,000 listeners over the last three months taking the total to 396,000. Keep up the good work Miriam!

Tom Maguire, Head of RTE Radio said: “The last few years have been very tough but we have been able to inject a little bit of investment in recent times,” he said. “We have changed half our daytime schedule in just two years and that’s not something I could have imagined possible.”

Joe Duffy, Nicky Byrne, and Sean O’ Rourke grew their listenership figures by 2,000, 13,000, and 11,000 respectively.

Over at Today FM, Matt Cooper’s The Last Word lost out on 6,000 pairs of ears; Ian Dempsey’s decreased by 2,000.

Morning Ireland: 439,000/433,000

Marian Finucane (Saturday): 396,000/373,000

Liveline: 371,000/369,000

Marian Finucane (Sunday): 338,000/337,000

Today With Sean O’Rourke: 328,000/317,000

News at One: 325,000/314,000

Ryan Tubridy: 307,000/296,000

Playback: 285,000/276,000

Miriam Meets: 265,000/262,000

Saturday with Claire Byrne: 240,000/230,000

The Ray Darcy Show: 199,000/190,000

Breakfast Republic: 196,000/119,000

The Ian Dempsey Show: 181,000/183,000

The Anton Savage Show: 191,000/194,000

The Last Word with Matt Cooper: 135,000/141,000

News talk Breakfast: 178,000/173,000

The Right Hook: 148,000/143,000

The Pat Kenny Show: 134,000/134,000