This week, our roving reporter, Jade, caught up with the lovely Sophie Babaz from France, about her musical tastes, what inspires her, and what’s currently going on in French music.

I was sitting in a quaint Café in Bali last weekend, and a traveller was playing guitar quietly at one of the tables. Sophie walked in and asked for a turn, as she wanted us to hear some French music. It transpired that Sophie didn’t actually play the guitar – she played piano in her native land, but she was still able to use the guitar beautifully to get the music across, by singularly plucking notes and singing along to it.

Sophie started to sing and she had the most beautiful, deep voice. “Ah the French!” an older English comedian in the Café remarked, “they can sing a menu and make it sound good!” It was true; Sophie had a truly spectacular voice as she picked out and accompanied French songs on the guitar.

I sat Sophie down for a chat after she had finished, and she chose to speak to me about Emily Loizeau, a French/British artist. Sophie told me that she admired her greatly, as she was a vocalist who incorporated the themes of magic and fantasy into both her songs and videos. Sophie told me that she also really liked the poetry in Emily Loizeau’s lyrics. I have always thought that the best song lyrics should also be able to be read as a poem. Words have the power to touch people, both songs and poems are works of art, and so, I was very interested to hear more about this Emily Loizeau.

First of all, let’s have a look at France. France is traditionally a big hitter in the Music world. The country has brought a massively eclectic mix of music to our ears; from the wonderfully gifted Daft Punk, to the unique sound of Edith Piaf.

Emily Loizeau in one such French artist, lesser known outside of France, but very talented nonetheless. She was born near Paris in 1975 and has dual French and English nationality, due to her English mother. She has become renowned for her unusual lyrics, and her fantastical, arty videos.

Loizeau released her debut album in 2006, entitled, ‘L’autre bout du Monde’, which means ‘the other side of the world’. She previously studied classical music and theatre in London, which explains the theatrical performances that she makes of her videos.

If you want to immerse yourself in three minutes of fantasy, and listen to some lyrically beautiful French music, check out Emily Loizeau, singing, ‘L’autre bout du Monde’, the title track from her album, below.