by Danielle Holian

Italian producer Jolly Mare streams his debut album ‘Mechanics’ on CLASH via Bastard Jazz.

Champion turntablist and multi-instrumentalist Fabrizio Martina, aka Jolly Mare, also has a master degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Vibration Dynamics.

Being a full time DJ and producer, he has earned the nickname ‘the new face of Italian disco’, spreading his joys of music in festivals across Europe.

“Mechanics” was conceived through the dynamics of love and mechanics of groove as a conceptual journey.

“Digital years come with misconceptions about rhythm and groove. A ball bouncing on the floor without gravity and friction could go on endlessly. A drum pattern looped into a DAW can be infinitely repeated…forever…generating nothing but alienation to the listener. But once hidden driving forces begin to act, the game comes to life. The ball starts jumping less on every repetition, and drums played by a real drummer transmits something entirely different on every bar and rhythm becomes groove. Same with the relationship between a man and a woman: without romantic entanglements, this can be a sterile, impersonal interaction. It’s love that gives anything meaning,” Jolly Mare commented about the mechanical concept behind the album.

Out now, ‘Mechanics’ is released digitally and on 2XLP via Bastard Jazz Recordings.