Tonight, Monica Michael and Max Stone were the latest pair of casualties of this year’s X-Factor. The two Britons failed to impress the public with lackluster renditions of famous movie numbers.

Way back when, during week one of the ITV talent show, Alien Uncovered were sailing in an all-too similar boat; the girl group garnered the lowest votes from the British public, and were sent packing. This week, Darragh J. Mullooly managed to grab the busy sextet for a quick chat!

D.J.M: “So ladies, how were the stress levels throughout the show? I’m sure it was incredibly nerve-racking.”

Alien: “It was, but it was so much fun.”

D.J.M: “Did you get all star struck when you met the judges for the first time?”

Alien: “Not really, they were all down to Earth and really lovely.”

D.J.M: “Any hilarious moments from the experience?”

Alien: “When we got blown away by a helicopter.”

D.J.M: “Did you have much interaction any of the judges, bar Cheryl F.V?”

Alien: “Cheryl mainly.”

D.J.M: “Any back stage bitchiness… from the other contestants?”

Alien: “No, everyone was lovely.”

D.J.M: “New format, new hosts, new judges… Is it working?”

Alien: “Yeah, we love that the panel is so current. Change is good.”

D.J.M: “What’s next for Alien Uncovered? An album/E.P maybe?”

Alien: “We are already back in the studio working on new tracks so watch this space”

D.J.M: “When are you coming to visit Ireland?”

Alien: “Mahon Point, Cork, 20th November.”

D.J.M: “Who do you think will win the show?”

Alien: “Max Stone or Reggie n’ Bollie.”

Alien Uncovered play Mahon Point, Cork, November 20th. #FreeGig

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