Released earlier this month – as the first single taken from their second E.P Lucid – Intervention treated their fans to a sneak preview of good things to come, if this song is anything to go by.

Opening with simple and softly distorted guitar playing, the whole band kicks in just before the first verse. With raw vocals and thumping drums, this is definitely heading in the emo anthem direction. The lyrics speak of self esteem issues; really topical for the age group this band would appeal to.

They could be mistaken for every other emo band, however the vocals aren’t whiney, the music isn’t sloppy, and the track is well produced and professional – it’s grown up emo, if you will. For younger listeners, it’s a concrete introduction to the band and their genre…for older listeners the track speaks of nostalgia and the good old days.

The full E.P is to follow and will definitely be worth a check out. Teenage angst has certainly paid off well for these five Florida boys, as they’ve found the perfect mix of anxiety and grit.