by Danielle Holian

The Pretty Reckless are back with their new single ‘Take Me Down’ from their forthcoming third studio album.

The single’s cover art shows a devilish hand shaking a human’s hand.

Frontwoman Taylor Momsen puts her all into this song with her signature raspy and soulful delivery throughout the tune. The opening lines of the track she sings, “Waitin’ at these crossroads forever and a day / On a guy to buy my soul / I spend all night and day / How much harder can I play? / You know I gave my life to rock n’ roll” and the music has a classic rock feel to it featuring a Bo Diddley beat. Guitarist Ben Philips showcases a solid riffing mid-song which raises TMD to a new level.

‘Take Me Down’ isn’t the real TPR style, compared to their more thrashy elements in the music. Although this is just one song, they may have other songs more reminiscent of their older material on their new album. But it’s different. It’s fresh. And nonetheless, it’s a pretty good song. They’re a decent rock band in this day-and-age.

Album details have not been confirmed, but it’s expected to arrive this Autumn.