The second E.P from U.K singer/songwriter Noah Clouds sees six original tracks, released on the November 2th, 2015. His first E.P, The Magnificence of Livin’ Wild and Free featured acoustic guitar paired with subtle, pained vocals, gentle backing vocals, poignant lyrics and light accompaniment by a few other instruments. Moving on from this solid first release, Noah stayed with the acoustic singer/songwriter theme for his sophomore release; this is a musician who clearly knows who he wants to be and what kind of music he wants to release, and it works well.

The E.P opens with title track Love is Not Enough, kicking things off with strong acoustic guitar strumming, kick drum and clapping accompaniment. Noah’s vocals are slightly country and a little old-school rock n’ roll. The repetitive guitar melody is catchy and would be great live. The second track, Sunlight is more gentle and melancholic, and Noah sings clever lyrics of the sunlight, and how it’s always there even if we don’t realise it. A delicate track that, again, would be beautiful to see played live. Lost in Barcelona, the third song, is a little more upbeat, less lyric focused, with more emphasis on the instruments and musical interludes. A tune that wouldn’t be lost on the actual streets of Barcelona, as it has that free, peaceful, holiday vibe to it.

The Railway Line tells the story of loved-up youths and their summer days spent by the railway line. A playful, reminiscent piece that most listeners will relate to, from some teenage memory or other. With lyrics like, “By the railway lines we learned and we grew”, and “Never ever really said goodbye”, Noah paints a nostalgic picture as the listener then learns his young love is now with a different “blue eyed boy”. A song for the heart strings, that’s for sure! The Magnificence of Livin’ Wild and Free is actually a song taken from Noah’s first E.P, brought to Love is Not Enough with just a few alterations. This version is about 40 seconds shorter, and the vocals are a little louder and clearer. Another meaningful song with well-written lyrics, Noah shows, once again, his ability to paint a nostalgic picture using just his guitar and his voice.

She’s a writer closes the E.P with slightly more energetic guitar melodies, but the same simplicity and delicateness of the previous tracks. The repetition of the lyric “Keep believing” makes me want to see this E.P performed live, as I think audience interaction and a nice, outdoor gig setting would suit Noah’s E.P perfectly.

Love is Not Enough is a really gentle, easy listening track perfect for summer days or late night driving. Simple enough to stick on in the background as accompaniment to an afternoon with friends, but meaningful enough to listen to alone and feel something from the lyrics, Noah has made a strong foundation with his first two releases, and although he has no gig dates set as of yet, I’m sure we’ll see him on the touring circuit sometime very soon. If his Instagram is anything to go by he isn’t a bad photographer either.

Morning stroll in the English countryside. #inspiration #earliertoday

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