by James Fleming

Noise is an art. There’s a fine line between incoherency and excitement, genius and genuine lunacy. There are a great deal many fools trying to pass their noise off as “art,” and more still succeeding. Very few actually manage to combine that oft-sought white-noise barrage with substance. NARCS are one such band.

Given the frankly deplorable state of so-called “alt-rock,” in the 21st century, it’s refreshing to hear a band making a genuinely alternative NOISE. NARCS use age old tricks of the trade such as distortion and good ol’ fashioned rage, and combine them with eerie floating guitar lines, reminiscent of Butthole Surfers ‘John E. Smoke,’ and spaghetti westerns, to create a sound that not only kicks wannabe alt-rockers collective arses, but takes their beer money as well.

From the opening distorted bass line to the closing onslaught of feedback, ‘Empathy The Dog,” is thrilling. Exciting the way rock n’ roll should be. There’s no revolution and too much money in rock today. NARCS won’t change that. People have terrible taste, they’ll never hoist this great band to platinum status. But NARCS don’t care. They’re here to make noise and if you wanna listen, you’re welcome. If you don’t, well, they’re quite loud…

“Everyday I pray for civil war/ for the moment I can nail your fucking head to the floor,” not since the Jesus and Mary Chain have we had a band that revelled in such violence. But, the violence is not the message. Merely, it’s a noise. A means to be heard. Shock tactics.

In the wake of Brexit, there’s plenty to rage about. And finally, it looks like people are going to start raging. After years of apathy and indifference, NARCS prove that people are pissed off. That a line, somewhere, has been crossed. As mentioned, they won’t make multi-platinum status. But, they’re spreading the good word. And we need that. Especially now.