by James Fleming

A line has been crossed. People are angry, pissed off, enraged. Greed and lies got very few people very far. And us mere mortals were left far behind, wondering just what the fuck had happened. Or not, even scarier…

A line has been crossed. A sonic barrier is being broken down, brick by brick. The sterile chiming of your day-to-day indie band simply isn’t speaking to the young generation. As noted in a previous review (read it here), there’s too much money and not enough revolution in rock n’ roll today. Greed and lies got them so far, let’s see where this will take us.

A Thinking Animal is a marvellous record. It will stand the test of time as a record that marked just how fucked-up our world became and that we as a people, finally got sick of it.

It’s not an easy listen, but neither is it totally uncompromising. If it were, the message would be lost. As it stands, it may still fall on deaf ears. But that’s not NARCS’ fault.

The tracks don’t tear out of the speakers, they tear the speakers in a rage of spiky guitars and harsh vocals. The rhythm section lodges a solid, heavy sense of impending doom in your gut. Never do they meander down a route of self-indulgence, there’s no extended feedback solos for instance. The songs are short and to the point, but NARCS decided to forego mindless punk rock sloganeering in place of sonic experimentation. And A Thinking Animal is all the better for it.

A Thinking Animal isn’t a return to previous alternative rock values, it’s the sound of 21st century youth taking matters into their own hands. And making a glorious noise while they’re at it.

But, there’s so much more to it than that. This isn’t a mere racket, this is noise-ROCK. It’s still the sound of a rock n’ roll band; two guitars, bass, drums and vocals. It’s not industrial, and it’s certainly not just a wall of feedback. NARCS have something to say. And by God you will hear them.

But will we listen? That is the question…

NARCS know, like the rest of us, that there’s something wrong with our world. But, unlike the rest of us, they’re doing something about it. To some, they may just be making noise. To others, they’re spreading a message. Simultaneously a message of love and hatred; hatred for apathy and corruption, and love for the human race.