I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest country music fan; Johnny Cash is about as country as it gets, for me. But when you come across a song from an Irish country singer that’s beaten Taylor Swift and Nathan Carter to the top of the iTunes country music charts, it’s definitely worth a try – whether you’re a fan or not.

Mikaela Bonner does not disappoint. She has recently enjoyed great success with her cover of Sara Evans’ 2003 hit Suds in the Bucket. Bonner’s cover does not stray too much from the original version, but she changes it up just enough to add her own touch. She has a richer, deeper tone than Sara, and sings at a slightly more controlled, slower pace. Sara has the advantage of the authentic Nashville accent; however Mikaela still delivers a slight country twang without being over the top.

The backing music for both versions are more or less the exact same, with the difference really coming from the vocals. Although Mikaela obviously didn’t write the song, she still connects with it and portrays the story of the runaway teenager well. Sara was ten years older than Mikaela when she released the original, but Mikaela’s voice matches hers in almost every way.

With countless radio interviews, a video for the track coming soon, followed by an album, I’m sure Mikaela is only just starting in her career, and it looks like she’s heading in the right direction. Check her out on social media for more information about her music and events!