by James Fleming

It’s cold. Not an unfeeling or soulless cold, more a sharp but refreshing Baltic sting.

Translated, Une Meeles means ‘In The Hold Of A Dream.’ An endless peaceful dream. With the perfect musical accompaniment.

Une Meeles is the soundtrack to a serene fantasy film; no action takes place and no dialogue is exchanged, there’s just endless sweeping shots of frosted pine trees and glaciers, brought to life by Maarja Nuut’s exquisite violin.

The traditional music of her native Estonia melds beautifully with Nuut’s voice to create a wondrous soundscape that manages the near impossible; a fusion of the modern with the timeless. It’s modern in the sense that no one has ever done something like this before, this is NEW music, and timeless because it feels like it’s been around forever. A feeling no doubt bolstered by the aforementioned traditional influence.

Often, Nuut simply sings nonsense words, words that really have been around since the dawn of time. But, that doesn’t matter, because it’s all about how this music makes you feel. The melody is more important than the lyrics, and the overall sound is more important again.

Nuut is a fearless explorer. She has delved to depths previously unknown in music, and emerged with treasures beyond your wildest dreams. One of very few people, and there are many trying, who has made experimental music and succeeded.

Because, there’s an awful lot of experimentation going on in music today. And most of it is very… comfortable. It doesn’t push any boundaries, it’s not radical nor revolutionary, and, worst of all, it’s boring.

Many of these experimenters seem to aiming for what Maarja Nuut has hit; a sense of tranquility and serenity. Where more traditional rock band formats have failed, Nuut has succeeded armed with a violin and a looper pedal. And, one day, she could be huge.

It’s her Estonian heritage combined with her innate creativity that makes this record so compelling. Western music has held sway over popular culture for decades. These sounds from Eastern cultures are so foreign to us they sound almost otherworldly. It’s in the fusing of cultures that the future of music lies; Eastern melodies and scales with Western technology. Just listen to what Nuut accomplished with her fiddle and FX pedal.

In The Hold Of A Dream is simultaneously a time machine and a capsule. It holds secrets of the past while still moving swiftly along towards the future. No mean feat.