Loud Motive are a fresh, hip-hop musical group, with four of the five members coming to Ireland from Africa as children. Their varying backgrounds and cultural influences make for an explosive mix of creativity and stories of facing adversity with strong beats and even stronger raps. On the foundation of five very musical childhoods, the band formed in late 2015 with the boys having known each other from Gospel church, jamming together in other bands, and music college. Although the band have already taken the stage at Castlepalooza, We Just Got Here is their debut E.P, schedule for release at the end of this month.

Side Orders opens the album with funky drum beats and synth. It’s very 80’s chill rap style, and a little Run DMC-ish, which are of course a solid influence to take inspiration from, especially for a hip-hop group. The vocals are quite cool, with lines like, “Them girls are counterfeit that means you’re legit”. The boys add in a nice local reference to Liffey Valley which reminds you these boys aren’t actually as much of an established American rap group like they sound, but a starter group from a small country, albeit with big sounds.

The second track, Minutes opens with the lyric, “This is music by and for individuals, which sums up the group’s attitude well. The song has a smooth, almost jazz-like opening, which is paired later on with soulful female vocals that feel very fresh. The reference to Conor Mcgregor, again, shows the group aren’t afraid to show where they’re from. The rap vocals are fast, but still clear enough to be understood and enjoyed. There’s a smooth interlude to finish and relax the listener before track three, To Die For opens with upbeat strings, paired with funky dj sounds. There is a strong sense of hard work and dedication in this track, cemented by the lyric, “This is the life that I die for”, indicating the commitment each member has to their craft.

Track number four, Pablo showcases some tight rhymes with intense instrumentation, very Kanye West inspired. The subtle dubstep inserts add depth and the references to Netflix brings a modern touch to the album, reminding the listener that this is a new band only starting their musical careers. Closing track, Muhammad Ali, again, opens up very Kanye West style which is never a bad thing! The strong strings and percussion give the song a fierce vibe, paired with both motivational lyrics like, “I got the heart of a beast” but also slightly comical lyrics such as, “I’m so G I’m almost a H”. The trumpets towards the end really pick the song up and ends the whole E.P on a strong crescendo.

We Just Got Here is an album full of fresh, strong sounds and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. Be sure to check out the E.P when it’s out, and catch the boys at the album launch on Saturday 20th Feb, 9 p.m. in Dublin’s Bello Bar – a guaranteed fun night.