A highly-anticipated superhero movie finally made it to cinemas. However, it’s debatable whether Deadpool can be considered a superhero! On numerous occasions throughout the movie, we are reminded that he is not one, and that this is not your traditional superhero movie. Even Wade Wilson describes himself as, “a bad guy whose job it is to take care of worse guys.”

Ever since last year – when I became totally obsessed with anything superheroe related – I could not wait for this movie to come out. When it finally did, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. Despite my excitement for the release of Deadpool, I must say, that I was a little worried that they had shown all the good parts in the trailers, like they sometimes do with comedies. I was really hoping this movie would not disappoint. Thankfully, it did the exact opposite.

Deadpool was full of witty one-liners, accompanied by plenty of action and a pinch of romance. It was entertaining to see how, whenever something serious happens, Deadpool kills the moment by saying something very inappropriate. I am glad that he managed to preserve his sense of humour even after what Francis did to him. I suppose it was his coping mechanism as well as humour being the one thing that Francis was not able to take away from him.

(SPOILER ALERT) I was a little surprised to see two mutants making an appearance, since I thought that X-men is owned by 20th Century Fox, but after bit of research I found out that Deadpool was also part of the deal, since he originally appeared in the X-men comics; Marvel does not own the rights to him either. I consider myself a newbie when it comes to the superhero franchise and it still makes my head spin to think about what hero belongs to what universe, as well as what superheroes are no longer owned by Marvel!

At the beginning of the movie, it stated that Deadpool is suitable for people over 16 years of age. After watching the movie, I must say, that I am a bit surprised that the age restriction was so low, considering there were some gruesome parts, definitely cringe worthy. There are many violent scenes including many bones being broken, people being decapitated, as well as having various objects pierced through their chests. Also, let’s not forget the part (SPOILER ALERT) where Deadpool cuts off his hand in order to get out of handcuffs. Not to mention the movie was packed with various sexual innuendoes.

Deadpool is dark, funny, and there is hardly a dull moment. I’m happy to see Ryan Reynolds play the character so well, especially seen as his last superhero movie was such a flop. There are some grear subtle, and not-so-subtle references to Green Lantern, my favourite being, “Do not make my suit green, or animated!” Deadpool also breaks the fourth wall – the title character talks directly to his audience. Deadpool is honestly unlike any other superhero movie I’ve seen. It’s unique, with a really interesting twist on the genre. What makes it better? The sequel is already in pre-production.

Alongside Deadpool, there are tonnes of hero flicks coming out this year: Captain America: Civil War (29th April), Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (25th March), Suicide Squad (5th August), and Daredevil returns to Netflix with season two on March 18th. Seems like it is going to be an interesting year full of super-goodness!

Feature Images: Fox Movies