by Danielle Holian

Hailing from Scotland, folk-rock singer-songwriter, Amy Macdonald’s debut album, This Is The Life, entered the charts at number two.

Macdonald has a talent for folk-styled storytelling, her voice has a vintage feeling to it and her music is country-influenced. Her music comes across as that older women, compared to that a young naive teenager. Although she was just 19-years-old when she released, This Is The Life, MacDonald’s tone and words seem rather forced in each track.

The album’s title-track, ‘This Is The Life’, reflects on this life she envied, once upon a time, back in the days when she began songwriting and learning the guitar. On ‘Barrowland Ballroom’ there is a brass-heavy roller, upbeat sound to it. ‘A Wish For Something More’ is melodic, it showcases her vocal’s full range, featuring her sharp guitar skills. ‘Footballer’s Wife’ remarks on the ‘wives and girlfriends’ culture, a.k.a WAG, where females aren’t famous for anything other than their celebrity partner. Macdonald is able to capture emotions of regular people in life who wish upon a star.

This Is The Life, is somewhat relatable. It has a regretful, wistful, and romantic feel to it. With peculiar and emotional vocals, she captures the listener’s attention. The only downfall to this record is that each track seems very similar. Nonetheless, it’s a great debut album.