by Danielle Holian

How and when did you get into writing?

I was about 12 years old when I started writing. I began writing stories, screenplays, and my emotions in my notebook because nobody really cared to listen to them. My parents were so busy with work, my friends were occupied, and I had a million and one ideas. I turned to writing to express myself.

Who or what are your influences?

When I was a kid: 2Pac, Martin Luther King Jr., Missy Elliot, Steven Spielberg, and Barry Sanders.

Can you describe your writing in general for our readers?

No, I cannot, I don’t want to box myself into a description or writing style. It’s up to each person to find their own independent value and description in my writing.  My writing has to be seen and observed by each person. I have a perception of my writing that others may never see. Others have a perception of my writings that I’ll never see. I write from the darkest places, from places of growth, and with thoughts of hope. If you want writing that can penetrate your deep and peel back the layers, look at my work.

Why did you decide to go down the independent, self-publishing route?

Creative control. I do not want anyone to tell me how to write, what to write, or to give me deadlines. My writing is too personal for me to place it in the hands of someone that doesn’t understand how sacred it is for me.

Business Acumen. Most independent authors do not make enough money to live off of, but I’ve figured out how to beat that. I do not like the concept of paying a company to ship my books, to process orders, and to make my books especially because i can do it myself at the highest level. There is enough technology and information out there, that any artist can use to make a name for himself. If you’re just stuck on the idea of signing to a major then you’re losing the perception of your own worth, in my mind. If I signed a writing contract it would have to be a perfect situation. They would have to be able to offer me things that I am unaware of, today.

When writing, what makes it interesting for you?

I love writing. I love to go back and to look at older writings just to see the maturation in the person behind the thoughts.

You are known as a Best Selling Relationship Author and have saved people from suicide, saved marriages, and have helped to create efficient relationships. How does it make you feeling knowing you have the ability to achieve these successes in life?

Humbled. You cannot allow stuff like that to pad your ego. I have a purpose and that is mine. To help, to give hope, or direction. I’m just humbled by it all.

How has your writing evolved since you began?

That’s a tough question. I’ve mastered how to make people feel at the deepest level. I believe that’s the most important part of writing. I can write a long piece, a short quote, or craft a book and people will feel it deeply.

What are your plans for the future?

Tacos; weight lifting; travelling and expanding my brand.

Any last words?

Don’t ever allow anyone to tell you what you cannot do. Their opinion is irrelevant.

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