by Danielle Holian
How and when did the band get together?
Four of us met in 2012 at secondary school (Charlie, Will, Lewis, Craig). Most of it started during our music GCSEs because we needed a band to complete our coursework. We found that all of us like the same music and have enjoyed each other musical company since. Ben (our drummer) joined the band In sixth form just over a year ago, we had decided he was in the band before he even knew himself! I had weirdly met Ben at a Rock Choir event in a church two years before because both our mothers were singing so we did know each other.
What is the story behind the bands name “Staycations”?
This was also in secondary school whilst Lewis and Craig were in a Spanish lesson together and they were talking to each other about going on a staycation and the name was born.
Who or what are your influences?
I think we all have very different influences spanning from Folk to Rap music. Obviously, our influences change and so does our music. Even during the past years we have been writing music you can hear big differences between our three EPs we have.
How has your music evolved since you began?
Our music has evolved from a four piece folk band which was easily comparable to Mumford and sons first album “Sigh No More” to a more indie rock and shoegaze sound that we like now. It is more like Bombay Bicycle club’s first album “I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose” and Foals last two albums “Holy Fire” and “What Went Down”. I am sure our music will continue to evolve as well because too much of one thing can get boring and what’s the fun in making music that all sounds the same.
Can you briefly describe the music-making process for the band?
Our music-making process can be pretty disjointed at times but it usually starts with Will, Lewis, and I making the bare bones of a song together, which will start with an initial idea one of us has had maybe a day or two before. In our little group, we will come up with all of the lyrics and structure to the song to then take to our next band practice with all of the band, which is every few weeks. Craig and Ben will then make all of their own parts and have their input on the song too and maybe change some sections again until we are all happy with it. Our songs will be altered after a gig or two as well if we think there are sections which could be further improved.
Do you have any advice for fellow bands?
I would say just play the music that makes you happy and always have fun because that is what music is really about. The music industry is one of those things that you just have to be persistent with and just keep going and going. This all sounds very cliché but is true.
Any good band stories?
It’s really hard to pinpoint just one good story because the whole band are my best mates and we seem to have a great time whatever we are doing. One of the best moments though was selling out The Junction for the first because it was so unexpected and the crowd were amazing, the whole band was hyped for weeks afterwards. Supporting Lonely The Brave at The Corn Exchange was also an amazing opportunity for us and will never be forgotten.
What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2016?
Our plans for 2016 are just lots of gigs over the summer which can all be found on our Facebook page (, and all of us are going on holidays to different places. We are not sure about the end of 2016 but hopefully we can start recording some new songs that we have.
Where can someone view your music?
All of our music can be heard on all streaming websites (iTunes, Spotify, and more). We are most active on Facebook but we also have Twitter and Instagram.
Any last words?
Thanks for the interview and we are playing a Fiver event at The Junction on the 24th June which would be great if some of you guys were there.