by Danielle Holian

Where did the band’s name “Sanctrum” originate?

The name Sanctrum doesn’t mean anything, it comes from the word sanctum. Before I joined the band
and the guys where naming the band, they thought that Sanctum sounded good. So when they wrote it to each other, somebody wrote it like Sanctrum and the name stuck.

When did the band start?

The band goes back to 1999 but then it was something different then it is today. Irfan joined in early 2004 and Sanctrum as we know it today took form. And then in 2012 Alex joined the ranks.

Why did you choose thrash/groove metal as a genre of music?

I wouldn’t say that we have chosen a specific genre, we have a lot of different styles mixed in and everyone in the band has a different musical approach. All of those things brought in the mix combined makes up what Sanctrum sounds like.

How has your music evolved since the band began?

We have all evolved as musicians since we started with music. If you listen to all of our albums in chronological order you can hear how we have progressed as musicians and as song writers, hopefully for the better.

Why did you choose to write about agony, death and war in your lyrics?

The lyrical themes come naturally to us. The world is a dark place, it would not feel right, to us, to have lyrics about themes that do not matter.

Who are your musical influences?

As I mentioned before, we have a very broad range of musical influences in the band. We listen to all kinds of music between us.

When touring, what drives you all as a band?

We all love what we do and to have the opportunity to come out and play, especially abroad, is a great experience. If we could we would tour all of the time.

Got any good tour stories?

There are a lot of fun and weird things happening when you are on tour. One of them is when we were on our last tour and we were playing in Poland, we drove the van outside the venue and started unloading the gear and suddenly someone says, there is a police officer in front of our car. So Irfan walked over and the police officer said that we were not allowed to stand there with the van and that he wanted to give us a ticket. So Irfan talked his way out of the ticket by playing the old “we are tourists and we didn’t know,” and he gave the officer his best puppy eyes. We did not receive any ticket and we could unload all the gear while they were talking. And yes, we drove the van back in front of the venue when it was time to take out all of the gear.

How has being from Sweden shaped your music?

In Sweden there are a ton of good bands, so you have to be better than all to stand out and to be seen. The “competition,” between the bands is a positive vibe that pushes the bands to produce better and better music and to be better musicians.

Any last words?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. If you can, please come out and see us on tour and support the metal scene. If you want some more information about us please visit our Facebook page.