by Danielle Holian

How and when did you get into comedy?

I started comedy in UCD Dramsoc in 2009 when then auditor, Conor McKenna (of Foil, Arms & Hog), Convinced me to skip a lecture and go to a stand-up workshop. The rest is history.

Who are your influences?

I love comedians who can weave a story. It’s my style and I love getting lost in a tale. my influences would be comedians like John Mulaney, Dylan Moran, Hannibal Burress and then, the stupid random things that happen every day.

What is your philosophy when it comes to comedy?

The audience always comes first. If someone is willing to part with their time and cash to come and see me talk shite on stage then I’m gonna do my best to make it worth it!

Where do you get inspiration for your routines?

It’s a pretty easy process. I go out, live my life in a way that lands me into weird situations with wonderful characters and then talk about it on stage.

What’s your favourite joke?

John Mulaney’s “salt and pepper diner” story. Absolutely incredible.

What exactly do you mean by ‘food enthusiast?’

Well I used to be a chef, I’ve always been into food, now I cook on tv and represent Centra as a brand ambassador. I think a lot of the chefs I know that still work 80 hour weeks in kitchens hotter than hell would chop my balls off if I called myself a chef, so food enthusiast will have to do.

Where do you DJ?

I’m lucky enough to hold a couple of residencies in Dublin. Monday nights in Hangar, playing house and techno, Fridays in Sam’s bar playing a little bit of everything from 90’s hip-hop to jazz to dance music, Saturday’s are the main room in circus at the academy which is a hugely fun night where I just go by the crowdHow did you get started in DJing?

How did you get started in DJing?

When I was a very young kid there was a guy working in my dad’s office who was a DJ and I thought he was the coolest personI’dd ever seen. Ever since I was about 7 years old I said I wanted to be a DJ. I’ve always played music, and loved all genres. When I started going to clubs at 18 I would pay attention to how the DJ mixed and worked the crowd. It’s such a subtle thing and it can be hard to get right. I started DJ’ing as a hobby in about 2009 and did my first live gig in ALT in 2012. It was a student night and me and my friend mike dressed as Batman and Robin. A bit mental looking back!

How has the internet helped you?

The internet has done fantastic things for my career. Social media is the currency of comedians, dj’s and people who want to expand their audience and reach as far as possible. It’s allowed me to promote my comedy through youtube and facebook and reach people all over the world. Social media allows me to get in touch with promoters and venues all around the world and has allowed me to gig in so many places that i’d never even dreamed of performing in.

Do you have any gigs coming up?

I have a few gigs im looking forward to alright! I’m the resident DJ, along with Claire Beck, of the 3live stage at Electric Picnic this year and I’ll be playing 3 sets and 3 silent disco’s across the weekend. Comedy wise, I help run Ireland’s longest running comedy club, The Comedy Cellar. There are shows there every Tuesday and Wwednesday, upstairs in the international bar, showcasing some of ireland and the rest of the world’s best comedy talent. Come and say hello!

How has being from Ireland affected your comedy?

Ireland is a small place with a tight night comedy community, It means making contacts and improving your craft is a little easier.

What has been a highlight of your career so far?

I’m not sure! There are a few that spring to mind. Flying to Berlin to do a solo show, never having performed there and terrified of having nobody in the little venue that the promoter had booked. The show had to be moved to a venue almost twice the size and we sold it out. I did 95 minutes on stage to a lovely room of people from around the world, that was a very important moment for me. Otherwise, MC’ing my first color run in Wembley to 20,000 people. The feeling I got when I walked out on stage is something I’ll never forget.

Any last words?

Not a whole lot! If you want a peek into my slightly mental life, follow my Snapchat at marcus.comedy and other than that, be excellent to each other and look out for each other. See you in the front row at a show soon!