by Danielle Holian
How and when did the band get together?
We’ve always played together since the ages of 13 in various swing/jazz and cover bands. We both went our separate ways after college but 6 months later, when Lewis was doing some solo work and I was unable to get back to my full fitness as a cricketer following meningitis, an opportunity on Christmas Eve 2013 came around for our first performance as a duo and we have never looked back since.
What is the story behind the bands name?
We spent about three hours trying to put both our names together in a name but being honestly they sounded dreadful! So we tried it with Lew’s first being the vocalist, came up with LewRey, thought it sounded cool and cracked on.
Who or what are your influences?
Lewis is influenced very much by popular film and classical music as well taking inspiration from artists such as Maverick Sabre, James Arthur, Coldplay and James Morrison whereas I am literally a massive obsessive of The 1975! Music that attracts me normally has intricate, clever & expressive drumming so bands like The Who, Muse, again Coldplay and Coasts really hit the spot.
How has your music evolved since the band began?
Our vision to one day see ourselves as a stadium band will always stay the same, and with that our music has to meet certain characteristics to enable us to achieve that. We as ourselves have gained and still gaining so much experience with song writing, musicianship & stage presence. We are currently unsigned but take great karma in that the longer we go on the more we improve and the more we learn. We’ve played over 330 gigs since February 2014 and we’d honestly go the same again to maximize our potential.
Can you briefly describe the music-making process for the band?
Lewis writes music and lyrics then brings it to me in the studio. We work out an structure pushing our creativity to the max, then we play it live for a couple of months to gather a crowd reaction. Lewis in the meantime creates a backing track matching what we believe the track is missing, we carry on playing it for a few months then we take it to the studio to record.
Where can someone view your music?
You can view our music on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Vevo.
Do you have any advice for fellow bands?
Don’t give up or get disheartened just because you’re not as far as you might want to be. The longer you go without your break the more prepared and armed you become to make a bigger impact when it does occur.
Any good band stories?
There’s too many censored stories to be released on to the internet but maybe my Dad filming his own face by holding a GP pro the wrong way round throughout a gig is up there!
What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2016?
We’re looking at releasing two more single and hopefully breaking the 400 gig mark.