by Danielle Holian

How and when did the band get together?

I met Zach Tenorio-Miller at a show in Providence in 2012 and we started playing music together.  The more we played together, the clearer it became that this was the beginning of something special.  Later in the year, Zach invited his long-time friend, Ray Belli, to play music with us, and between Zach and Ray, the change in sound and attitude is what spawned the end of “Jocie Adams” and the beginning of “Arc Iris”.

What is the story behind the bands name?

Arc Iris means “rainbow”. The name was pulled from themes that were visited in our debut record. The idea of rain clearing, sun coming through the clouds, and a magical appearance of something new and hopeful still applies to our music.

Who or what are your influences?

Our influences vary widely and are entrenched in many different styles of music.  This informs the scope of the band’s sound and allows us to bring together elements of different pieces of musical history to make something both historically grounded and new.  In response to our first record, The Line of Best Fit proclaimed, “Arc Iris is traditional music thrillingly positioned at the nexus of the old and new.” I am not sure that the new record would still be called traditional music, but it certainly still pulls lyrically and structurally from traditional music.

How has your music evolved since the band began?

The biggest change is that the role of rhythm has shifted from being a musical helper to being part of both the structural and melodic backbone of the songs.

Can you briefly describe the music-making process for the band?

It’s different all of the time, but the thing that makes Arc Iris special is that we always try everyone’s ideas.

Where can someone view your music?

Our first single has been released and the video premiered on Stereogum. Here is a link to the video stream: You can also pre-orderer our new record “Moon Saloon” at

Do you have any advice for fellow bands?

Listen to music that makes you grow! Try to imagine more than you can do, and then learn how to do it.

Any good band stories

“Moon Saloon” was recorded in just two days! We had originally booked a full week in the studio, but in the eleventh hour, St Vincent asked us to support her UK tour. This forced us to speed up the process, and I think the end result turned out to be positive. There’s something special about not dwelling too much on imperfections and having every note crystal clear.

What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2016?

Our record, “Moon Saloon” will be released on August 19th, 2016.  After that, we will be touring on it until we have to go to sleep!

Any last words?

Very dramatic wording! I hope these are not my last words! Take chances. Try new things.  If you don’t like something on a first listen or try, is there a chance that you don’t understand it?  If the answer is yes, try it again.  Even if you end up hating it more the second time around, you will have opened your mind up, and that is worth the world.