by Danielle Holian

Heroes in Hiding will release their new single ‘Hospital’ on August 26th from their upcoming LP ‘Curtains’ out on October 7th. The band has performed at festivals such as Electric Picnic, Forbidden Fruit, Castlepalooza, BD Festival, and Life Festival. Their upcoming LP follows the release of their debut EP ‘Hush’ in 2014.

‘Hospital’ is the follow-up single to ‘No, You’re a Rabbit’, which was released earlier this year. The tune documents the near experience with the death of a member of the band, Joe Carroll, “I was on my way home from a friend’s birthday party in a hired coach. There weren’t enough seats so I was standing up at the back. I leaned back and fell out of the door and onto the motorway. I don’t remember much of the incident itself and the next thing I remember was lying on a trolley in the hospital in a neck brace. Luckily I didn’t sustain any lasting injuries but I was fully aware of how close I came to being much worse off. On my second day in the hospital, I heard a nurse using some sort of machine behind the curtain on the patient next to me. It was bleeping with two harmonious tones. Something told me I had to make a song out of it so I recorded it on my phone (which had miraculously survived the fall). A few days later when I was at home and feeling a little better I put the recording onto my laptop and recorded a rough draft of the song “Hospital”. The song is a document of my experience that night, and my realisation that life is very fragile and something to be cherished.”

Check out the new single here:

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