New York City retro rockers the Mystery Lights have released “Follow Me Home,” a captivating, fuzz-scorched new song off their upcoming self-titled debut album.

Anchored by the hypnotic, intertwined riffs of guitarists Mike Brandon and L.A. Solano, “Follow Me Home” rumbles ahead and gleefully teeters on the brink of a full-blown psychedelic freakout. But Brandon’s ragged, static-soaked vocals and the song’s subtle pop undertones keep it firmly rooted in the tradition of Sixties garage and gritty NYC punk.

The Mystery Lights was recorded at Daptone’s House of Soul studio and will see release on June 24th via the soul label’s new rock imprint, Wick. The album follows the Mystery Lights’ “Too Many Girls” b/w “Too Tough to Bear” single, which was also Wick’s first official release.

“We are looking forward to Wick doing for rock & roll what Daptone has done for soul music,” Daptone co-owner Neal Sugarman tells Rolling Stone.

“The fact that they are venturing into other genres is exciting because everything they do, they do it right,” Brandon tells RS of working with Daptone. “Real deal, all analog, all tape, there’s not one computer in the studio whatsoever and they do everything live. Their approach to recording is exactly what we would hope for in a record label. They are able to truly capture that pure, timeless sound that we love, and the label is run by the best people.”

While The Mystery Lights marks the band’s first LP, Brandon and Solano have been playing together under a variety of names since they were teenagers in the small town of Salinas, California. The group recently relocated to Ridgewood, Queens, and assumed its current form with bassist Alex Amini and organist Kevin Harris. The Mystery Lights begin a European tour on May 28th.

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