by Danielle Holian

San Franciscan garage band Happy Diving share ‘Holy Ground’ and their album “Electric Soul Unity” is due out August 26th via Topshelf Records.

Happy Diving were formed in 2013; they play loud, spiritual rock music with strong subjects of love, pain, and freedom. The five-piece has gained attention for their blistering, high-energy performances.

‘Electric Soul Unity’ is the band’s fourth record. It showcases the band dynamic rock sound taken to new heights. The album’s lead single “Holy Ground” is an aggressive meeting its match “Head Spell,” a slow-burning ballad; these songs prove the band are capable of showcasing their sound on all different levels from quieter moments raising to loud as hell.

“…Whether it’s the walloping riff in the verse or the jarring step down in the chorus, Happy Diving demonstrate a knack for hooks that escapes most 90s revivalists stuck on the sound.”
– Pitchfork

“…a sub-two minute burst of noise and passion, built around slick riffs and Matt Berry’s gravelly howl.”
– Stereogum

“…Matt Berry is a straightforward sort of lyricist, penning words that blow straight to the gut with hardly any effort at all.”
-Impose Magazine

Track Listing for “Electric Soul Unity”
01. Unknown Feeling
02. River Will Flow
03. Pain Country
04. The Call, It Thunders
05. Lost My Way
06. Shed Light
07. Fantasy
08. Head Spell
09. Electric Soul Unity
10. Holy Ground
11. Don’t Be Afraid of Love
12. Bigger World