For every year since 2011, Hanne Kolstø has been fighting to discover her place in the world, with the release of an album every 12 months, and December saw the arrival of the final chapter in this ambitious five-albums-in-five-years saga; an album, fittingly, of goodbyes – While We Still Have Light. An over-ambitious project for most people, Kolstø says that the concept for the new record was a natural one to pursue, and in the years that have passed since her first solo album Riot Break was released, we find Hanne in a suitably fidgety state of mind as she no doubt contemplates what comes after such an emotionally draining period of creativity.

Kolstø says; While We Still Have Light mirrors the goodbye theme, which can be interpreted in many different ways. In the middle of this is doubt; the doubt before a decision, the doubt before you choose to break out of bad patterns, the doubt before you choose to leave a friend or a boyfriend, before you choose to enter a darkness, in the hope that maybe there’s more light on the other side”.