Anyone that knows me will know that I’ve been on a bit of a mad, healthy nutrition craze the last few weeks. I decided to see if I had any food allergies by eliminating sugar, dairy and wheat from my diet, and then re-introducing them slowly one by one. (Dairy is the culprit btw).

I’ve also decided to cut out as many processed foods and chemicals as possible from my diet which means I have to cook…fuck! Cooking has never been my forte, but I’ve actually really come to enjoy it, and dare I say, I’m getting quite good at it!

The first step in my new – cooking every single thing from scratch – phase was sourcing good quality organic meat and veggies. When you eliminate wheat, dairy and sugar from your diet, you better be damn-well creative with your meal ideas; preparation is key.

I’m an extremely busy person, as most of us are nowadays, but have found the key to being able to produce healthy meals that don’t take much time out of my day is to get a bulk delivery of veggies each week. Oh yes, Green Earth Organics came to the rescue!

This amazing Galway-based company deliver fresh, organic fruit and veggies to my door each week and for the extremely low price of €14 including delivery, how could I not lose 2 stone in 3 weeks for my Christmas party?

No, but seriously…this is an amazing little company with an organic farm located just outside Galway City. They have an array of seasonal veg and fruit to choose from, and you can even customise the ingredients in your veg box to suit your meal plans for the week.

They have an range of box sizes to choose from. I get the small veg box which is more than enough, and I always have some left over at the end of the week which I usually make into a soup to take to work with me for the week. Sorted.

They’re now doing huge Christmas veg boxes, too, for the reduced price of €50. Christmas dinner sorted! Check them out at, or give them a buzz on 085 7105 717 – they’re great for a chat!