This week, Jade is on the stunning Island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. What musical magic has she unearthed? None other than singer-songwriter/Indonesian Idol Judge, Raisa. 

Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands, one of which is Bali, the best known to Europeans. I’m glad to have got away from the tourist track and moved to an Island lesser known to tourists. Sulawesi is allowing me to fully immerse myself in Indonesian culture.

On my first weekend here, I was taken to a concert by Raisa, a singer that comes from the Island of Java, and who is very popular here in Indonesia. She has released two albums: Raisa (2011) and Heart to Heart (2013). She has also worked as a guest judge on Indonesian Idol.

I stood there in the crowd, listening, and it was like I was listening to an angel. It was the first time I had heard someone sing so beautifully that I felt lifted to another place. ‘That’s it!’ I thought, ‘that’s what music is all about, it is meant to be beautiful, and that beauty touches other people’s hearts’.

It was truly soul lifting. I had gone to the concert without knowledge of the performer, but the moment I returned home from her concert, I researched, and listened to each and every song. She is well worth a recommendation, having the most touching voice that I have ever heard. Here she is: