This week, Jade Milburn nabbed a very special interview with the one-and-only, Danny Ladwa. Ladwa is an English vocalist/beatboxer who Milburn caught on tour in Goa, India, earlier this year.


I was blown away by his talent for beatboxing. My thoughts that – there was something unusually in-depth to his way with music – were confirmed when another lady told me it was “the best music that she had ever heard”.

Danny, who began writing lyrics at the age of 11, previously won a place in the U.K. Beatbox Championship finals. Danny joined me to answer some questions for our Nitelife readers:

J.M: “When did you decide to do this as a full-time career?”

D. L: “Music got me at a very young age, around six-years-old and it never left me since then.  I started seriously dreaming about the stage, performing and recording from when I was around 11-years-old and was getting heavily into writing around this time. I progressively became more attached to and more entwined with music as I grew up, but you know, I always felt like there was something holding me back from saying ‘OK I’m going to go for it’.  I’m a strong believer that things will happen for people and the right doors will open when the person is ready and for whatever reason I haven’t been ready until now.  The beginning of 2014 is when I decided that I’m going to go for it. I wrote and recorded my debut album, ‘UNFOLDING’, throughout the year and into early 2015 and released it in May this year.  Although I’ve got a decent and broad history in music since my earlier years and I’ve literally toured the world over the past five years, I still feel that my real career is starting now.  I’ve never felt more ready to follow this path.”

J.M: “Who influences you?”

D.L: “I have many different influence sources and by no means are they all related to music.  Music for me is not just about the sound, but it’s a way of being.  Many things teach me how to be.  Music for me is a delivering of energy, moods, emotions, an amazing source of inspiration and a way to transport oneself to somewhere far away – on earth or somewhere much, much further.  I’m inspired and fascinated by people, I’m fascinated by life and the way the world works.  I feel like I can see the way things work on a very spiritual level, seeing it in my own unique way as everyone has their own unique vision and mine is very real for me.  I believe in it. Thinking about a musical influence, I’ll tell you there is one artist that I know of and have witnessed onstage that I feel manages to do something that I aspire to be able to do and that is this: be inspired by something in the moment and transform that into creation with ‘no filters’.  What I mean by this is, for example, being onstage performing and completely improvising and as the inspiration strikes you, you don’t even question it (no filters), you just trust and you let it flow.  That artist is Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.  Genius!”

J.M: “You said that your mission is to ‘invoke emotion in those that you connect with’, do you feel that you have achieved that? If yes, can you give an example?”

DL: “The eyes never lie.  I can see it in people’s eyes.  I love to perform and, not glance, but really look at people in the crowd and create those brief but intimate and strong connections.  I can feel the emotion in the people move when I connect with them in those moments.  It’s in the eyes, so powerful and so beautiful.  They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. I stand behind that 100%.”

J.M: “When/where are your next gigs in the U.K.?”

D.L: “My next gig in the U.K is at the Edinburgh Mela on Saturday, 29th Aug. Then I have a solo show in Nottingham on 13th September.”

J.M: “Aside from music, what is one thing you are very grateful to have in your life?”

D.L: “I can actually tell you the one thing that I am probably ‘most’ grateful to have in my life’, is to feel love.  The thought of not having this feeling in my life is one that I can’t imagine or comprehend.”

Thank you to Danny for his well thought out and insightful answers. You can view Danny’s full album listing and upcoming schedule at