According to reports, a nineteen year old girl from Manchester, England, has been officially declared a celebrity after reaching twenty thousand Instagram followers.

Lifestyle blogger Kelly Butler, who is more commonly known by her social media persona “What The Kell”, is said to be “thrilled to bits” with her new found status and “ready to mix it with A listers”.

“I’ve dreamed of this moment since I was a little girl,” announced Kelly. “The first thing I did was change my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tinder bio’s to include the phrase ‘media personality’, because that’s what I am now.”

“I remember watching TOWIE and Geordie Shore as a teenager and thinking how amazing it would be to be that famous. Those guys have been such an influence on me and inspired me to do great things – and now I get the chance to rub shoulders with them doing nightclub appearances in Skegness and Wigan. I owe them a lot.”

Despite buying the first nineteen thousand followers on her Instagram account for £20 from, Kelly is proud that the rest of her followers are actual people, who have a genuine interest in her posts, claiming her fans admire her because she “keeps it real”.

“It all started with me uploading photos and videos of my outfits before a night out and it just spiralled,” revealed Kelly. “My style is quirky and unique and I wanted the world to see just how on point I am but initially nobody gave a shit. Eventually, I started wearing fewer clothes and taking selfies of my lip plumping, eyeliner flicks and belfies’s in yoga pants and that was when those likes and followers came rolling in.”

“I’m blessed to have made it to the top of the social ladder and to have finally applied for the blue tick to sit next to my name.”

Wunderground managed to speak with Kelly’s boyfriend Gary Nichols regarding her new found fame, “She dumped me this morning, the bitch, she said it’s because she is ambitious and wants us to be on the next season of Ex on the Beach, so I’ll see her there apparently. What a cunt!”

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