by Dylan Goodman

Girl Band have released a new video for “In Plastic”, a track from their debut album Holding Hands With Jamie. The video was directed by Bob Gallagher, who previously worked with Girl Band on the videos for “Pears For Lunch”, “Paul” and “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?”. The latter two were both included in Stereogum’s top 50 music videos of 2015.

Gallagher had this to say about the inspiration behind the video: “I think I pitched the idea to the band as the fever dream Kafka might have if he ever read 1984. It’s not set in a particular place or period. Some of the references and inspirations are historical and some are quite recent. It’s a mish-mash of influences, and a lot of it was shaped by conversations with the band.  The video is obviously totally ridiculous in many ways, but it touches on themes of surveillance, paranoia, and how arbitrary the construct of a border can seem, which are all very contemporary anxieties. When I see clips of Donald Trump talking about deporting people and building walls I have to remind myself that I’m not watching an absurd alternate reality”.

On July 8th, “In Plastic” will be released as a limited edition of 500 worldwide 7” vinyl by Rough Trade Records with a live version of “the Last Riddler”.