Galwegians — whether by birth, or circumstance — love nothing more than a good auld knees up, a fine bit o’ craic, and of course, a good ride! The City of the Tribes has always been synonymous with the wonderful world of singledom: parties, pints, and plenty of [heavy] petting. The folks that reside along the Wild Atlantic Way are about as charming as you can possibly get; it’s in-built.

But has ‘pulling’ in Galway changed over the past few years? Maybe the closest thing many of us can get now is the ‘Christmas Park and Ride’. What if G-Town’s citizens are just looking in all the wrong places? We asked the people of Galway where exactly they “get the shift”…

Roisin Dubh – Dominick St

One of our favourite and funkiest spots in town is frequented by many, many beautiful party-goers. Whether it’s Wednesday or Sunday, you’re sure to bump into some awesome Americans, beautiful Brits, and sexy Swedes. It’s the perfect place to meet a mate. Share a romantic tequila at the front bar, dance to the Disconauts in the main room, and shout at each other in the smoking area. Why stop there? Take your new lover over to Vinny’s after and split a taco fries!

Electric Garden & Theatre – Upper AbbeyGate St 

What was once known as C.P’s (‘Sleazy P’s) is now home to the electrifying dance haven known as Electric Garden & Theatre. For someone who is not a regular, it’s a truly magnificent spot for a night out, which I swear to hang out in more often. So, what kind of people will you meet in here? If too-cool-for-school hipster is what you’re after, then this is the place – geek glasses and skinny jeans as far as the eye can see. Fancy a polo-shirt wearing rugger-bugger? You’ll find him in here too! Electric welcomes all kinds of everyone and is a popular haunt for the city’s LGBT community.

Grindr – On T’internet 

Although technically not a venue, Grindr seems to be where all the lads are hanging out these days — since there is no permanent gay bar to speak of. Back in the day, Dignity Bar and Wilde’s hosted some seriously funky parties, usually hosted by Galway’s most beloved queen, KiKi St Clair. And we can’t forget the pole dancing! Nowadays, our LGBT friends have to scrawl through a long list of lackluster lads…and guys, try and think of a better opening line than: “Top or Bottom?” If you want some ‘NSA’ with a ‘Bear’ or a ‘Twink’, get on Grindr. Don’t expect to find a husband, though!

The Quays – Quay St

This Galway institution has been a melting pot of fellas and fillies for decades. They make a mean chowder, serve amazing oysters, and you’ll probably meet your husband/wife there…but only if you have ‘land with road frontage’. It’s the go-to spot during race-week, and is thronged with stags and hens on any given day.

So, the (mostly anonymous) people of Galway have spoken…

“I usually end up going home with a lad whenever I’m in the Roisin.” – Anonymous from Mayo

“There’s always loads of big rides in Electric” – Sarah from Dublin

“My personal experience is that Galway men are the best…I prefer them over Belfast and Cork guys, for sure” Al from USA 

“My type of guys either go to Sally Long’s or The Roisin” – Anonymous from Clare 

“Roisin Dubh (although I have never pulled there), but seems to be a lot more open than other bars. Like I’d feel comfortable kissing [a guy] there as opposed to the Quays” Ian from Galway